CLAM is in it's early stages but we are committed to providing an Asset Management platform which is loved by it's users. As such we will always take on board feedback from our customers and will be offering visibility over our product roadmap with the chance to vote on upcoming features. We already have some great ideas about where to take the product and you can look forward to integration with other platforms further down the road!

The Agent

Our agent is designed to be low maintenance, you can deploy it to your estate via a number of different methods and once deployed it will automatically update itself to make sure you have the latest features.

CLAM is a cloud based service and as such you don't require any costly on-premise servers or agents pulling data from anyone on your network, this makes Asset Management possible with in house workers, remote workers and even employees just out and about. More and more people are remote working today and we believe our solution will give you the flexibility to gather all the data you need regardless of location. If a device is offline for any period of time, the agent will still run (assuming the device is on!) and will report back it's findings next time it connects to the internet.

We don't believe in monitoring your devices 24/7 - we prefer the snapshot approach as we feel it offers a combination of privacy and data gathering. The agent does not consume any resources when it is not collecting data, and will only run on the schedule you set. We believe that the bigger picture is worth more to you than the amount of minutes a user has spent loading a particular product.

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The Portal

We felt that one of areas of Asset Management which needed some love was the way in which data is presented to you, as such we have tried to focus on clear statistics and graphs so you can see at a glance where your areas for attention are without needing to do a deep dive into data.

CLAM has had feedback from heads of IT departments at all stages of development in order to make sure that the data we are presenting is the most valuable data for your needs.

For IT departments with estates of devices from the same vendors, our API integration will allow you to populate your assets with purchase information and service data automatically (vendor dependant).

Pricing & Contracts

One of the barriers to entry for most Asset Management solutions is cost, we don't think that a budget should stop you having the tools you need to help your business save money and operate at it's most efficient. As such we operate on a simple monthly subscription basis and you can be up and running in no time at all. If some of your devices are taken offline for the month, you won't pay for them, we only charge based on what you use.